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Vardalis (Kilani) Winery Ltd. (Cyprus)
ООО "Valdaris import " (Russia)

Здание Vardalis Winery Ltd.
On 1998 in Cyprus has been constructed the wine factory manufacture, named Vardalis (Kilani) Winery Ltd, located in 40 km to the northwest from the Limassol city (Lemesos). The manufacture placed in a mountainous district, covered with vineyards at Kilani place. Here, in traditional village, famous for its wine, with the old customs and traditional way of life style, are always glad to visitors. From the earliest times Kilani is a famous place for the excellent wines. Vardalis (Kilani) Winery Ltd is one of the most popular and the most known wine houses of Cyprus. The wines produced at factory were repeatedly recognized at the international exhibitions, but were distributed only on local market of Cyprus. As from 2009 export of wine to Russia has been organized through the official distributor - Company "Vardalis import" (Russia).
The hi-tech and valuable equipment, strict quality assurance at all production levels, and also strict observance of principles of winemaking allows to produce excellent quality wine, which will let you to feel a particle of the sun and kindliness of Cyprus island.
Цех по производству вина
Зал, где можно приобрести вино а также провести дегустацию...
Except industrial premises of Vardalis (Kilani) Winery Ltd., there is a special place for sale and wine tasting. In total company produce about 12 different kinds of wine, for more details you can check the wine section. If you have a holiday in Cyprus, you can visit our factory, located at the following address contacts. If you don't plan in the near future to visit Cyprus, the importer and the official distributor of factory Vardalis (Kilani) Winery Ltd in Russia - Company "Vardalis import" offers you with big pleasure the wines, manufactured on Cyprus, for this purpose you should call to the following telephone numbers at Novosibirsk: (383) 264-32-28, 264-34-46, fax 266-59-01.

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