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Message №9 from Bernhard
2 years ago, my girlfriend and I were at your winery at cyprus. We bought 2 bottles of Vardalis Maratheftiko 2008 and it tasted so good. But I dont find the wine at the store. Where can I buy the wine in Austria/Vienna? Or it is possible to buy wine on the Internet from you?
best regards,
Posted 04 April 2016 year(Mon), at 10:31:58

Message №8 from Joe Caloiaro
We live in Columbus, New Jersey, USA and have a good friend, Alfred VArdalis, who is about to tun 90 years of age. Can you tell me how to purchase Vardalis Wine in America?
Posted 26 December 2015 year(Sat), at 22:32:27

Message №7 from Greg White
Can you please let me know if you ever have wine tasting day's and the where about's.

Thanks .
Posted 20 August 2012 year(Mon), at 14:22:05

Message №6 from Savvas
Tha thela na episteutw to oinopoieio sas se liges meres kai anarotiomoun an tha einai anoixto epeidh thn teleutaia fora pou hrtha htan kleisto
Posted 04 August 2011 year(Thu), at 15:32:05
vardalis winery : You are welcome!

Message №1 from Vardalis
Guest book is open)
Posted 24 September 2009 year(Thu), at 07:14:00
vardalis winery : Test answer...

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